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How to Clean Spark Plugs

Spark plugs for motor vehicles has vital functions. This device is in charge spark electrical fire in a series of combustion of fuel and air in the engine. If there is no fire, the burning process will not happen. The engine will not run correctly. However, very few people care or realize treat plugs. Perhaps because it is rarely problematic. 

How to clean spark plugs
Spark Plug

In addition to routine cleaning crust is at the head of the spark plug, you must also reset the rift between the electrode and the head of the spark plug. It was intended to spark or explosion resulting sparks plugs can be stable or constant. 

Indeed, two of the above had been often done by almost anyone who has a motorcycle and never experience a disruption in the spark plug. Only, not least how the cleanup was not right. So, what the proper way to clean the spark plugs? What are the consequences of the treatment inaccuracy?

Do not scour Electrodes

Spark Head Electrodes Picture
Spark Head

During this time people often scour parts spark plug electrodes and head while cleaning the dirt in that section. Indeed, it is not wrong way. Nevertheless, the results are proven by direct spark sizable fire. But, if the way is not done carefully, it will shorten the life of the spark plug.

Because, due to friction with emery paper electrode layer on the electrode resulting in thinning. As a result you often need to adjust the level of estrangement between the head and the spark plug electrodes.
The recommended way is to clean it with a wire brush. Do this several times until it is completely clean.

Do not Stick Electrodes Too Close With Spark Head

When the electrode is depleted, you also have to get closer to the head of the spark plug electrodes. In fact, the distance is not ideal between them-or too close-it will cause the spark plug quickly heat or overheating. The ideal distance is 0.8 millimeters (mm) or a maximum of 0.6 mm. If too tight because the electrodes are too close to the head, because it was thin-rev the engine too heavy. Consequently it crack machine.

Signs of overheating are plugs that are yellowish dirt. In addition, the electrodes also purple. However, when the electrode is thin and even while maintaining estrangement 0.8 mm, it will still cause problems. Sparks is not perfect, so the unstable stationary engines and coil quickly die. Electrodes were already thin as a tenuous distance. Consequently coils are forced to work harder.

Do not Soak the Plug In Gasoline or Kerosene

Other habits are also often done by the owner of the vehicle when cleaning the spark plug is to soak it first devices with gasoline or kerosene. The goal is that the dirt in the devices quickly fall. Indeed, it is not wrong way. Only, not quite right. This method was actually shorten the life of the spark plug.

Although oil and gasoline evaporates rapidly and the body plugs are made from a hard ceramic material, it is also possible elements in gasoline or oil to seep into the inside of the spark plug. In addition, elements of the gasoline or kerosene was actually faster trigger dirt. If dirt accumulates, the spark plugs will wear faster. Therefore, if you want to clean the dirt on the spark plugs recommended to brush it with a wire brush. It takes patience, but the result is maximum.

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